Benefits of using IPSim in IP training

Intellectual property protection is very important in the development of innovation. Without the protection of Intellectual property, it would be impossible to get full benefits of their invention which will further result in a declining focus on research and development. Be it business or education, IP training is required to educate about the uses and importance of Intellectual property. IPSim is a simulation-based gaming software that can be used in IP training for both Businesses as well as individual purposes.

In this post, I will share with you the benefits of using IPSim in IP training. Before I tell you the benefits of using IP, it is important for you to understand what counts as intellectual property.


What counts as intellectual property?

Intellectual property, also known as IP is something that you create using your mind. It can be a story, an invention, an artistic work, or a symbol.


How can you own the intellectual property?

You can own the intellectual property if you create and meet the requirements for copyright, a patent, or design. Another way of owning intellectual property is by buying IP rights from the creator or a previous owner. A brand could also be a trademark if it meets the requirement.

Intellectual property can have more than one owner. It may belong to people or businesses and can be sold or transferred. Intellectual property rights allow you to make money from the intellectual property you own. If you’re self-employed, you usually own the intellectual property even if your work was commissioned by someone else unless your contract with them gives them the rights. You usually will not own the intellectual property for something you created as part of your work while you were employed by someone else.

In the end, your IPs will generate value in the market with any surge in the demand for the invention.

IPSim shows a way of earning the right commercial value of any invention through a simulation-based game.


Benefits of using IPSim in IP training 

IP has a wide application in the protection of intellectual property rights. It could be anything from a blog post or branding or software that you have written, to anything that identifies you as an individual company. IPSim is the right tool to learn how to commercialise or protect your IP.

An software license can be purchased from the official website of Tacitsims. Alternatively, a workshop can be organised by Tacitsims (both online and face-to-face mode) as per your convenience.  It can be played in a group having a minimum of 2 people. IPSim workshop will cover everything required to know and play the game. Most of the users find it competitive and highly engaging. It’s an attractive way of learning the rights that people barely think about.

We at Tacitsims believe that IPSim is gamified teaching of IP protection and commercialisation rights in the most efficient way possible. Let’s look at the benefits of the use of IPSim in IP training


  • A gamified experience

It’s a no brainer. A plain and a simple game made by Tacitsims which is very addictive and competitive at the same time.  A multi-player gamified experience provides a great learning experience, especially, for those who are young. It makes a complex subject easy and interesting for learners. It also demands the user to remain alert and aware while playing the game which results in better understanding and awareness of the Intellectual property.


  • Real-time situations

Theoretical learning can be boring at times and that is why we have built a real-time simulation-based game that helps you learn about IP. A time limit is fixed at the start of the game which puts the users on their toes while in the game. It helps in learning about the commercialisation of the IP in a fun way.


  • Quick IP Awareness

A real-time gamified experience pushes you to be aware of various circumstances in the game leading to quick IP awareness. After a few sessions of the game, a user can sense the increase in the awareness of the topic. It encourages players to act fast like in the real world.

  • Increase in IP knowledge

Less than 10% of firms provide staff training on IP and there is a big gap between available and consumed IP information. The use of IPSim increases the IP knowledge of a user. As per our own initial research, it was found that the IP knowledge recorded in surveys of IPSim participants increased on average from 58% to 82%. This tool is suitable for a broad range of players. It helps beginners learn concepts of IP and is equally exciting for people with deep IP knowledge.


  • Cost reduction of teaching

Teaching a course can be expensive at times for universities. We collaborate with universities to help them provide IP training and it heavily reduces the cost of teaching. IPSim is also useful for businesses that are looking to train their employee about Intellectual property rights. It gets you thinking about how IP works and the differences in various terms, where to develop and commercialise IP, and how others competitors may react.


  • Workshops

Clear instruction is important prior to any training and so do we organize workshops as per the requirements. Our workshops are available in both online or face-to-face mode. An assigned practitioner will plan and organize the workshop to teach the game.

Most importantly, our vision is to democratise the knowledge of IP and with ease of access and great user experience, IPSim is turning to be a key tool in IP training. Gradually, more and more businesses and educational institutions are joining hands with us in creating global IP awareness with the help of IPSim.


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