IPSim awarded with world’s famous UCL EDUCATE Evidence Applied Edward

After successfully completing UCL EDUCATE Institute of Education programme, IPSim has been awarded with both badges, Evidence Aware and Evidence Applied Edward by the world leading EdTech sector experts.


It has been an amazing journey shared with other EdTech entrepreneurs, visionaries as well as business and research mentors to apply evidence-based research on our product to further improve its effectiveness and help us in our mission to democratise the knowledge of intellectual property worldwide.


The opportunity and study results couldn’t be more encouraging. Exhaustive literature review from reputable sources show a clear sign that more IP awareness is needed in both education and business environment:


According to NUS (National Union of Students) report, Student attitudes towards intellectual property, “only 40% of students consider their current awareness of IP to be enough to support them in their future career” while “they do not perceive a strong link between IP and commercial success”.


In addition, Intellectual Property Awareness Survey 2015 done by IPO (UK’s Intellectual Property Office) shows that “94% of respondents thought that it was IMPORTANT for businesses to understand how to protect their IP”, a staggering “79% of firms did NOT know that telling people about an invention before applying for a patent could lead to an unsuccessful application”, while “LESS THAN 10% of firms provide staff training on IP”.


EDUCATE UCL Knowledge Lab workshop


Another part of the research entailed quantitative and qualitative data collection with workshops and interviews. IP awareness before and after our intervention show a positive change: IP knowledge score of participants increased on average from 58% to 82% after IPSim session.


This methodological study with the invaluable support of UCL EDUCATE community has allowed Tacitsims to build a strong case to support its growth plans by launching a new and improved version of IPSim and is entering a new investment round and in open discussion with those willing to support us in our journey with resources and expertise.


Like every good story our UCL EDUCATE journey comes to an end, but surely the EdTech network, learning and experiences will last forever.


Tacitsims wishes to thank anyone that has contributed one way or another to make this possible.

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