IPSim software now available to purchase on-line

Tacit Sims is pleased to announced that IPSim® software and Scenario Packs are now available at tacitsims.com

about-usTacit Sims has now released IPSim for general sale around the world (GBP£45, US$69, €63) after the initial release to UK based organisations during Summer 2015.  IPSim 1 year licences for PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX) are now available for download on the Tacit Sims website.  IPSim is an interactive work tool aimed at engaging those working in the innovation space to visualise the bigger Intellectual Property (IP) picture.  It simulates the commercialisation of tech and IP and encourages participants to take risks and experiment with strategies that can’t otherwise be tested in ‘real-life’. IPSim can either be played locally using a WiFi LAN connection, a mobile phone personal hotspot or using a VPN – anywhere in the world.

IPSim software has been purchased by Cranfield University and is now being used by 24 students on the Cranfield Masters in Management and Entrepreneurship that started in September 2015.  The Imperial Innovations Group PLC, UK has also purchased several copies to use for IP awareness and training programmes.  IPSim has now been sold to 7 country’s around the world and workshops held in the UK, New Zealand and Ireland.

Scenario Packs

UntitledTacit Sims has produced two Scenario Packs: ‘Standard’ and ‘Workshop’.  The Standard Scenario Pack contains 40 hypothetical patents and inventions and is free with IPSim software.

The Workshop Scenario Pack contains 20 Patents and Inventions and forces infringements and tech combinations more often – it’s ideal for short workshops and learning environments – it can be purchased separately for GBP£11.99 (US$18, €17).

Tacit Sims can also produce bespoke Scenario Packs containing real patents and inventions owned by organisations and their competitors to enhance the reality and simulated learning experience.

Workshops and AgentsIMG_0944

Tacit Sims is currently in talks with an Asia-Pacific distributor and is open to discussing opportunities with partners in Europe, the US and other territories around the world.

IPSim software has been licenced to Tacit Fusion as an authorised agent to organise and facilitate IP training and workshops in the UK and Ireland.  The next workshop will be during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) http://www.gew.co/ where Tacit Fusion will be hosting an Intellectual Property Management session in Partnership with Basepoint Business Centres on the 19th November 2015.Tacit Fusion will also be delivering IP management sessions to Cranfield University School of Management Full-Time MBA, the MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship, the Venture Programme and an IPSim intro session for their acclaimed Business Growth and Development Programme (BGDP) in January 2016.

“We’re really pleased to be in a position to release IPSim on this scale and we’re happy to be supplying Cranfield University’s School of Management. We look forward to making a mark in education and innovation organisations around the world”

Stephen Olunaike, Director Tacit Sims, UK

More on Tacit Sims

Tacit Sims was formed by Stephen Olunaike and Wesley Randle of Tacit Fusion to initially develop a software version of IPSim® in November 2014.  Tacit Sims designs and develops business software simulations (Edutainment Software) with the first product focusing on intellectual property commercialisation, trading and management.  Tacit Sims also delivers end-to-end fee-for-service software development for both private and public sector organisations who wish to deliver educational content using a highly interactive, uncompromisingly fun simulation format that can be used in a classroom or remotely.

IPSim® and IPCalc® are registered trade marks of Tacit Fusion and Tacit Sims. IPSim Design rights are registered to Tacit Sims and Tacit Fusion.  All rights reserved © 2015 Tacit Fusion Limited and Tacit Simulations Ltd.

For enquiries or more information please contact Tacit Sims:

+44 (0) 1234 754 992 or enquiries@tacitsims.com

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