IPSim used in UCL – University College London

Undoubtedly, 2020 has been a year of change for industry, education and individuals. With its highs and lows it will definitely be a year to remember.


For Tacitsims, 2020 brought plenty of challenges given the original face-to-face nature of our product IPSim. However, with our team support we were able to pivot and deliver our software for workshops and competitions online in spring.


At the start of the academic year on September 2020, discussions started with UCL to provide our gamified learning software to be piloted in the MSc Bioscience Entrepreneurship course, specifically to run a remote competition in line with the current academic circumstances. IPSim proved not only to be a tool to increase IP awareness amongst the students, it also increased engagement in the academic community.



Anthony Debson, student of MSc Bioscience Entrepreneurship, and winner of UCL IPSim competition in 2020 said: “IPsim is a simplified, real-world intellectual property portfolio game with the simple objective of amassing value… I learned a lot, both in the practicality of IP and tactics associated with maximising the value of your portfolio… Overall IPsim was a very enjoyable experience which gave me a taste of how IP can be utilised for monetary gain in the real world. I especially enjoyed the strategy involved in deal-making and hope the game returns in the future.”


Amanda Jayne-Carr, lecturer at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology adds: “This is the first year of our MSc Bioscience Entrepreneurship course at UCL. Through our Bioscience startups module we introduce students to the complexities of intellectual property, focusing on IP portfolios, and using commercialisation and licensing to monetise assets. IPSim is an online IP simulation game we have used as a component of the Startups module, providing students with the experiential learning activity of managing a company that develops and commercialises IP.


We ran the IPSim game as a competition over a number of weeks, with the challenge of amassing the most cash and intangible assets, working against or in co-operation with other students. The game allowed our students to learn more about the practicalities of dealing with IP whilst gaining valuable experience developing IP strategies for tech commercialisation in a fun, online environment. The game has been a beneficial learning tool for our course, particularly during the challenging times of COVID, allowing students to interact and learn on an online platform.”



Tacitsims wishes to thank UCL for using IPSim and their support in our mission to democratise IP knowledge worldwide, and looks forward to cooperate with further events in the future.


For further info about IPSim or learning simulations development, please contact us at info@tacitsims.com

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