IPSim workshop delivered in NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator

On Wednesday 21st of August 2019, an IPSim workshop was delivered in the Milton Keynes NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator to a variety of entrepreneurs from different sectors, from innovative fintech to more traditional local businesses.


It was a unique opportunity for Managing Director of Tacitsims, Roberto Di Nuzzo, to provide a presentation about intellectual property management and strategy and how this topic is key in every stage of the business life cycle.


IP presentation by Tacitsims MD Roberto Di Nuzzo
IP presentation by MD Roberto Di Nuzzo


As usual in the workshops, the newly theoretical knowledge acquired in the presentation was put in practice with an IPSim session, where participants play an online, multiplayer, real-time strategy game for a unique immersive experience into the world of IP strategy and management.


NatWest IPSim workshop
IPSim competition


The event was key to collect more data for our Edtech evidence based research with EDUCATE programme to measure improvements of IP knowledge in participants after our workshop and its showing promising results.


The afternoon session ended with a group discussion about IP management and how it could be used for the success of the entrepreneurs’ businesses.


Tacitsims wishes to thank all those that took part in the event and especially NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator in Milton Keynes for their support in the planning and running of the event.

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