IPSim workshops now available online !

As a result of Covid19 lockdown and the sharp rise in demand of quality remote learning, Tacitsims has successfully adapted to deliver its first online IPSim workshop this week.

Four Cranfield University MSc in Management students logged on via Zoom from different locations to experience the first IPSim online workshop which included an IP lecture, game simulation and topic discussion. With no technical issues experienced and an evident increase in IP knowledge and awareness of participants after the session, Tacitsims is now ready to deliver these workshops online to benefit other audiences worldwide in the corporate and education sector.



Roberto Di Nuzzo, MD of Tacitsims comments: “Covid19 has undoubtedly shaken the way business is carried out and education delivered for the majority of people worldwide. Since 2015 we launched the online version of IPSim with the mission to democratise IP knowledge anytime, anywhere. And with the support of teleconference platforms, our IPSim workshops can be delivered in line with the current unprecedented times and our game allowed us to be ahead of the game in these types of crisis. We welcome businesses and academic institutions willing to work with us to help them adapt quickly and smoothly with our EdTech expertise via info@tacitsims.com , either with IPSim workshops, software licencing or bespoke e-learning product development”.



Feedback from participants endorse the activity and encourage our EdTech adoption with the following comments:



Janice Jin: “Through IPSim, enterprise personnel can understand the importance of intellectual property in business operations and avoid risks. In the academic field, IPSim contains many examples that can help participants gain a deeper understanding of IP”.


Shashi Prakash: “I would strongly recommend IPSim workshops, the gamified learning through IPSim will help participants understand the real-time situation in the business which will certainly be profitable for companies… I also learned about trade negotiations. I feel that real-time simulation pushes you to act and learn in a trial and error situation which is highly effective”.


Jian Shao: “I have learned how to use different IP strategies to deal with different situations and how to negotiate and cooperate with other companies during this game to increase revenues through licencing and commercialisation. IPSim has clear advantages over the traditional learning methods, it can be used anytime, anywhere, so it is not adversely affected by these Covid-19 times”.


Siyu Xu: “IP is rarely mentioned in general business courses. IPSim can make students aware of the importance and potential benefits of IP, which many students lack at present… The potential value of this topic is ignored by many people, which is no less than a potential loss for a company. Learners in businesses and academic training institutions can understand the protection and commercial value of IP, which in return will bring more revenue and reputation”.



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