Inexperienced management of IP can often lead to undervalued products and services, limited options in trade negotiations and the early end of a promising business idea. It is important that managerial and non-managerial staff be as familiar with the fundamentals of IP, as they are with their organisation’s information security policies.

Explore & Experiment

IPSim is a safe way to explore and experiment with IP strategies enabling your organisations to make better decisions about IP. Businesses have found IPSim useful in helping them develop effective, long term IP commercialization strategies. Such key decision makers at these business include:


executives in multinationals


entrepreneurs and senior management running growing small and medium size businesses


innovation and IP managers in Universities


entrepreneurs starting their own ventures

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Staff Training

Larger multinationals and Universities have found IPSim useful during staff training and away days in:


ensuring their employees

have a sound working and commercial knowledge of IP


sharing high-level experience

in IP, Innovation and Commercialisation across the company


building strong

deep learning using hypothetical scenarios


reducing the risks

of IP commercialization with their own IP and technology.

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