Intellectual Property knowledge is often held by a select few in an organization. Creating an IP strategy requires a big picture perspective of innovation, markets and human relationships. IPSim helps you grasp and apply some of the important elements of IP that can impact effective commercialisation strategies.

Where IPSim Is Used


In a Conference Room

As part of a larger training experience for professionals


In a Workshop

For students majoring in business, science/tech or law


In a Competition

Across higher and/or further educational institutions

Who Is IPSim For?


Science and Technology Developers and Creative Innovators

Looking to gain tech commercialisation experience first-hand in a risk-free environment


Chartered IP and Accounting Professionals

Students studying business, science, medicine, creative arts, music or technology wishing to learn more about tech commercialisation and make some great contacts.


Students in Business, Science, Medicine, Creative Arts, Music or Technology

Wishing to learn more about tech commercialisation and make some great contacts

Would you like a demonstration of IPSim at your educational institution?

Benefits Of IPSim

  • Learn the fundamentals and complexities of IP
  • Experience IP management, trading and commercialisation with other players
  • Develop management and negotiation skills through experiential learning and reflection
  • Test offensive and defensive IP strategies
  • Understand how to manage a budget and update your finances
  • Use Scenario Packs to customise your experience

Intellectual Property Topics Covered in IPSim

  • Valuation and Trading
  • Licensing (Exclusive and Non Exclusive)
  • Patentability
  • Open Source
  • Inventions and Trade Secrets
  • Implications of Enforcement and Infringement of IP Rights
  • IP Landscaping
  • Territorial use of IP

IP Activities In IPSim

  • Develop, Buy, Licence Trade Secrets and Patents through Negotiations
  • Acquire or file patents
  • Enforce Legal action against infringers or settle out of court
  • Commercialise your IP
  • Explore Commercialisation Strategies
  • Collaborate and Compete
  • Manage your Finances

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