IPSim for Individuals

We did the impossible! We made a game about Intellectual Property that is extremely addictive and entertaining to play! #SeriouslyFun

IPSim is an online, competitive multiplayer real-time strategy (RTS) game about making money from ideas. You interact with four other players – negotiating and trading – to amass a valuable IP portfolio during the game.

Plan strategies to commercialize lucrative IP on the isometric map of 4 territories, keep a close eye on your competitors’ activities, celebrate successful collaborations through license deals and prepare for uncertainty.

Playing IPSim

By playing IPSim you will learn from the game and from other players. You will get the experience of turning an idea into a commercial success in the real world. It has been endorsed by reputable universities and developed closely with experts in Intellectual Property and commercialization.


If you love strategic competitive multiplayer games, play IPSim!


If you have a great idea, and you are not sure how you can make money from it, play IPSim!

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