Press release March 2017

In the last month Tacit Sims has delivered IPSim Workshops to more than 300 students, staff members and entrepreneurs from Cambridge University, Coventry University and UCMK (University Campus Milton Keynes – University of Bedfordshire).

The workshop at the University of Cambridge on the 20th February was held at the Cambridge Judge Business School for ETECH students where more than 80 students learned about the basics of intellectual property and had a Q&A with Kerrys Rees from WP Thompson LLP (Partner and Chartered Patent Attorney).

Kerry answered lots questions in the Q&A and also provided £600 of additional support to the winners of the IPSim competition.

Zayd and Ethan (below) won the IPSim competition with a score of $37.796 million.

At Coventry University we delivered an IPSim workshop in the Engineering and Computing department for the computing course 206CDE on the 6th of March.

The Coventry University winners are below with a winning score of $42.346m with Ed Cole (IP Executive, Coventry University).


The IPSim workshop at UCMK on the 2nd March was a real success and we had some great demand from University of Bedfordshire students from the Luton campus (undergrads, MBAs, MSCs, PhDs, and post-docs) as well as local entrepreneurs who registered via Eventbrite.

Both winners of the IPSim workshop (Fiona Ferguson and Thomas Howard) were current students at the UCMK Campus and were delighted to share their prize and use their free copies of IPSim to play IPSim further to gain more experience and have some more fun.

Overall, the students involved in the workshop enjoyed their experience.  Check out the You Tube post IPSim competition interviews below:

‘The game is actually extremely fun, and i would definitely put it up there with games like Civilisation especially when the new releases come out – I would definitely buy this’.

‘I’m a masters by research student at the Luton campus, i came to the workshop today but it was recommended to me and i found it quite interesting’

‘I didn’t really know what IPSim or IP was…really…i learned a lot today actually about it…and it just gave me a knowledge base in business, it’s make me more employable i guess as well…i can actually implement it into my future work and research and things like that.  The game itself i thought it was brilliant, it was a lot of fun, i did lose!  But it just shows how business strategies are actually implemented in the real world – it was as realistic as you can get in a game’

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