Up to 48 IPSim 1-Year Software Licenses (PC/Mac)

£2,880.00 for 1 year

IPSim is an interactive work tool for 2-4 users aimed at engaging those in the innovation pace by enabling them to see the bigger picture when it comes to their intellectual property. It simulates the commercialisation of IP and tech and encourages participants to take risks and experiment with strategies which can’t otherwise be tested in ‘real-life’. IPSim comes with the Standard Scenario Pack – which contains 40 hypothetical patents and inventions that will allow you to play IPSim multiple times with different outcomes.
It also comes with two free Scenario Packs from the www.leadingedgeonly.com marketplace that contain live innovations and patents from Coventry University, Surrey University, Imperial College Innovations (UK) and from other leading universities from around the world: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, ISIS Innovation / Oxford University (UK), University of Notre Dame (USA), Heriot-Watt University (UK), University of Birmingham (UK), University of St. Andrews (UK), University of Waikato (New Zealand) and Leiden University (Holland).
Please note: IPSim cannot be played by 1 player using 1 machine alone. IPSim must be played by more than 1 player on 2-4 machines (PCs or Macs) running individual copies of IPSim software. IPSim can either be played locally (local) on a LAN connection or online using a internet connection (on-line). There is an additional Scenario Pack (Workshop Pack) that is ideal for short workshops and learning environments as it forces infringements and tech combinations more often.

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