Show and Tell event at Amazon HQ in London

After a busy and challenging evidence based research journey with EDUCATE programme in London, the time arrived for Tacitsims to take part in the “Show and Tell” event at Amazon HQ in Shoreditch, London, some weeks ago.


Show and Tell gives a unique opportunity to EDUCATE cohort members to share the highlights of their study and how the findings can improve their EdTech products to boost their effectiveness and value proposition to both users and customers.



The event was a unique opportunity to interact with other EdTech entrepreneurs to present how IPSim is currently improving IP knowledge and awareness in different participants audiences types across the world, and also share information about how the new product knowledge will be applied to take IPSim to the next level. This new challenge translates into opportunities for Tacitsims investors, shareholders, business partners and customers, but most important our product users!



Tacitsims team wishes to thank everyone that contributed to the EDUCATE programme, and Show and Tell event in any shape or form: staff and experts, Amazon HQ hosts, and other fellow and visionary EdTech entrepreneurs.


If you wish to take part in the next IPSim project either as an investor, partner, adviser or customer in the development of our new product, please get in touch with us via , we would love to hear from you!

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