Slovenian High School students learn IP with IPSim workshop

Slovenia, a country with an area of just over 20,000 km2  and a population of nearly two million people, is definitely leading the way when it comes to teach and learn intellectual property with IPSim.

The workshop was held in Gimnazija Vič, Ljubljana, on Friday, 27th of September 2019, and it was one of the activities offered to students of different secondary schools as part of the SKOZ – Center for Career Orientation West project.

Lead by Mr. Jure Tomc, MBA of JTB Ltd and long term IPSim workshop practitioner and intellectual property expert, Richard Nugent from Coller IP, UK, the IPSim workshop was an innovative, engaging, experiential and immersive way of learning for students from Kranj Grammar School, France Prešeren Grammar School, Škofja Loka Grammar School, Poljana Grammar School, Ljubljana Secondary Medical School and Vič Grammar School.

We at Tacitsims are grateful and excited to know that so many people from different backgrounds and ages are benefiting of IP management and strategy learning with our IPSim workshops and competitions. Our mission of boosting IP awareness is being accomplished bit by bit everyday!

If you also want to take part of this effective and innovative way of teaching and learning about IP, do get in touch via

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